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Y Type Valve

y type valves
Our 'Jekon' range of y type angle valves are best solution for ON-OFF pneumatic control application for media like air / water / steam / Oil etc .

our range of high temp valves is best and economical solution against costly control valves used in various industries
Our 3 way valves can be used for various mixing and diverting applications of fluids

Area of uses:
  • "y' type (angled) pneumatic valves are used for process control application
  • these valves are used for on-off application to control steam, water, coolants, air, gas, and light oil at line pressure up to 10 bar
  • used in textile dyeing machinery, textile dyeing mills, air-drying equipment's, autoclaves, pharmaceutical machinery, automobile industry and automatic process control applications.

y type valve in india
Jekon Valves is renowned name in the field of developing a significant new Control Valve, Y Type Pneumatic Valve, Angle Seated Valves, Pneumatic Control Valve, Y Type Valve, Steam Control Valve, Water Solenoid Valve that improves total flow-control infrastructure of industries. As well as Recon Control Valve is the leader in the manufacturing of various industrial valves since 1995 with the brand name "Jekon". We have in-house manufacturing facilities with all the State of the art contemporary technologies to meet the uppermost standards of product quality.

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