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3/2 & 5/2 Way Solenoid Valve

3/2 & 5/2 Way Solenoid Valve

3/2 & 5/2 Way Solenoid Valve indiaWe are providing our customers with 3/2 Way Solenoid Valve that is planned in agreement with manufacturing types. All our valves are manufactured using more raw material and latest skill.

We are committed to supply solenoid valves, 2 way solenoid valves, 3/2 way solenoid valve, 3 way solenoid valve, 3/2 way valves.

3/2 & 5/2 Way Solenoid Valve india 5/2 solenoid valves have four seaports or pipe connections and two holes to finish stress from the valve.  One valve position stress is connected and applied to single piston seaport, and stress is tired from the other seaport. In another valve position, applied stress and expend are reversed at the piston selections and therefore the function of the valve is swapped over. 

Jekon Numeric range of 5/2 solenoid valves are available in different sizes, stresses and powers, with special materials and currents available on request.

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