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Industrial Valves

Manual Butterfly Valve
Manual Butterfly Valve

The robust range of Manual Butterfly Valve presented by us is widely used in irrigation, OEM, commercial and institutional applications. We supply butterfly valves which are used in controlling pressure, have long life, high performance and are resistant to corrosion. The manual butterfly valves functions smoothly and continuously.   
Materials used for manufacturing Manual Butterfly Valves are Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PP
  •     Media temperature for water ranges: 10oC to 130oC.
  •     Closed end body.
  •     Rotational Angle: 90o
  •     Size range: 60mm - 300mm
  •     Unbreakable pressed steel levers.
  •     Low and Stable Torque

Diaphragm Control Valves

Diaphragm Control Valves are ruggedly designed to give the maximum in performance and will provide the essential flow characteristics required wherever highly accurate control of temperature, pressure, or flow is desired, in the handling of steam water air oil gas.
Easy On/Off, Throttling
  •     High Durability
  •     Efficient performance
  •     Easy operation

Diaphragm Control Valves

Actuator Butterfly Valves

  Actuator Butterfly Valves

Actuator Butterfly Control Valves are designed and manufactured conforming to BS 5155/API 609 are best suitable for 100% tight shut-off duty. Soft Seated Butterfly Valves are offered complete with Pneumatic/Electric Actuator, Pneumatic positioners for Automation. Also available in double Off-Set Disc Design as per AWWA-C-504.We offer comprehensive range of actuators butterfly Valves. These valves are available by us is a primeval assortment of Actuated Butterfly Valve that is operated with double acting/spring return fail safe rotary actuator.
Actuator Butterfly Valves are available in two different types viz. wafer and lug design

 Limit switch
•        These are known as Solenoid valve
•        FRL unit

High Pressure Ball Valves 
High Pressure Ball Valves Our extensive range of high pressure ball valves is designed for better emission control and quick shut off. The entire array of pressure Ball Valves is available at highly competitive prices. Our high pressure ball valves have documented high performance level without stem leakage.
•         Excellent finish
•        Requires ON/OFF application.
•        Has capability to withstand severe conditions
High Pressure Ball Valves 

High Pressure Needle Valves
High Pressure Needle Valves
 Ar stock body construction
•        Metal to metal or stellated seats
•        Full-ported design bore which results in low-pressure drop.
•        Wide variety of end connections and material of constructions.
•       Varied types consist of High Pressure Needle Valve, Low        Needle Valve and  Instrumentation Needle Valve.
•      Quarter turn quick manual actuation and low operating torque.
•      Strong and compact body construction with optional vent porting.
Jekonvalves is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying of High Pressure Needle Valves, Industrial Valves and other Flow Control Valves. A Needle valve is a type of valve having a small port and a threaded needle-shaped plunger. 

Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve
Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve is designed to be used with 2-way & 3-way     style ball valves for remote operation.Two styles available: Double acting and Single actingOptional limit switches with visual indication available.Actuators are anodized aluminum, which provides good corrosion resistance.Compact Size and Lightweight Construction
Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valves
Globe Valves
Globe Valves
Our Globe Valves are exported to different countries like USA UK, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, Thailand.
Globe Valves are designed as per GB, JB, API, ANSI, ISO, BS,
1.        Easy to install
2.        They have high stability
3.        High efficiency

Pressure Gauge
Electrical Contact Pressure Gauges
•        Weatherproof Process Pressure Gauges
•        Utility Pressure Gauges
•        Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauges
•        Low Pressure Diaphragm & Capsule Gauges
•        Test & Master Pressure Gauges
We are the leading manufacturer of Pressure Gauges in India. Our Pressure Gauges are available in different prices and ranges. This device provides accurate results. Jekon Valves is one of the world's leading suppliers of high quality, competitively priced pressure and temperature measurement products  Industrial Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauge
Investment Casting Ball Valves

Investment Casting Ball

The Investment Casting Ball Valve is manufactured using quality raw material, ferrous alloys. and advanced machinery. We offer wide array of I. C Ball Valve which have high dimensional tolerance and are accurately installed in the application area. Moreover, the functional efficiency of these valves adds to the life and provides augmented operations. Investment Casting Ball Valves offered by are known for affordability, precision and toughness. We are counted as one of the major investment casting ball valve manufacturers and supplier in India.

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